Horses of heaven under the Tien Shan in South East Kazakhstan.
Mulbekh Valley is the last predominantly Buddhist area on the route west from Leh.
The power of the full moon is to strengthen itself. The whole helps to direct thoughts and purifies the energy of the body and mind. Ask the universe for fulfillment, thank and every day work on visualization until its realization happens! Experience the feelings of a fulfilled dream as if everything has already happened and fulfilled.
The singing sand dune of Altyn Emel is a geological oddity. A sand mountain that rumbles, but never moves.
Limestone cliffs poke out of the cultivated landscape like prehistoric skyscrapers.
We are cruising Kyrgyzstan with this old Russian UAZ450.
They look particularly impressive when illuminated at night.
What does a paradise mean? ...a place or condition of great happiness where everything is exactly as you would like it to be.
Prayer flags are simple devices that, coupled with the natural energy of the wind, quietly harmonize the environment, impartially increasing happiness and good fortune among all living beings.
I recently had a chance to visit the Singing Dunes at Altyn Emel National Park in Kazakhstan.  The experience of getting there was less than desirable but the Dunes were out of this world.
Varanasi and the Circle of Life is a story about India’s most extreme, chaotic, colorful and intense city.
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