The Hanzelka and Zikmund expedition, including friends and carriers in the village of Bawomataluo on the island of Nias, Indonesia, was described by them as an „island of fearless“.  Expedition Zikmund 100 after 56 years.
The year 1963 was still an up-to-date reminder of an atomic bomb explosion in Hiroshima, Japan. In 2018, the whole monument complex is dominated by the industrial palace of the Czech architect, Jan Letzel, dedicated only to the respect of the victims. 
Pathan in Kathmandu is a religious area devoted to the worship of the gods, which was in the sixties open to anyone who wanted to know part of the Hindu in Nepal. Today it is open to believers from all over the world, but if you are not a local, you have to pay bribes and tickets are checked by local police forces. 
The largest and most beautiful mausoleum on the EuroAsian route in 1961 looks the same today, only scientists have over time discovered that smog and dust in the Indian atmosphere dyed the Taj Mahal marble in Agar to yellow. 
The May day celebrations in the capital of Siberia in Irkutsk were meant to show the beauty of the city and the sports spirit of peasants, while in 2018 Irkutsk is considered a city from where tourists and raw materials are moved to Baikal or in the opposite direction.
Lebanese Tripoli grew in 59 years, built a new infrastructure, modernized its port, but the time seems to have stopped here and the city itself is the same. It‘s one of the few places in EuroAsia that has not changed, and the ancient skittles are still the same for hundreds of years. 
The Colombo Lighthouse was a critical support for Sri Lankan shipping. But modern times has overtaken it, and it only stands because of its clock, and today is referred as the clock tower, and more and more high paradise buildings without angels have grown around it since the 1960's.
Bethlehem in the days of Christmas was full of ceremonies of the christian holiday. Nowadays is Bethlehem part of the Palestinian area and even it is full of churches in this land live mostly muslims. 
The Schwedagon Pagoda is the strongest place of faith in Burma. The shape of the temple does not change as much as local traditions, and so the only reflection of the development of the times is the use of modern information technologies on columns of temples in the form of Full HD televisions. 
The Galata Tower is the dominant of Istanbul in Taksim. Its spiked roof was built only a few years after the HaZ visit and what was the purpose of this dominant? First as the Bosphorus watch tower and then as a fire tower of wooden Istanbul full of rats. 
Jerusalem 1959. Hanzelka and Zikmund expedion have made photo consturction of the Dome of the Rock mosque. In 2018 is this mosque considered as one of the most holiest and most important monument in Jerusalem. 
In 1964, the Hanzelka and Zikmund expedition was considered a small miracle when orthodox churches in the Kremlin survived Stalin‘s time. In 2018 they are unchanged, but despite the fact that the Kremlin is part of Unesco, some buildings have disappeared mysteriously. 
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